Case Management

Case Management

From life-skills training, to sober transport, to family support, Case Management provides the support necessary by helping and providing aid to deal with the challenges they may face on their return back home from treatment.

Individual Therapy

For most people, being alone in your own head is the most dangerous place to be. Individual therapy is crucial for optimal and lasting healing and helps treat the symptoms of underlying core issues of trauma and behavioral health issues. 

So many options – which ones are right for you?

There are many different ways to approach the treatment of mental health, addiction and lifelong trauma problems;
and you should not be alone when considering how to approach these life-changing decisions.

Allow Continuum of Care Partners to be your guide, coach and partner in this all-important
journey. We want to meet you where you are and get you to where you need to be, together.

We want to collaborate with you and your family on this journey and learn together what
options and methods will serve you best. Without professional guidance and support in
this difficult time, mistakes can be made, money wasted, and precious time thrown away.


We believe in meeting our clients where they are and not putting everyone into the same basket of solutions. 

Whether our clients struggle with mental health, trauma or some form of addiction, we create a continuing care treatment plan specific to their needs, their desires and where they are on the spectrum of readiness to change. 

This is an ever-changing and difficult process that requires the utmost individuality in treatment planning and continuing care. This is where we do our very best for each and every client and family. We work together to create a plan that everyone can agree has the best chance of success for their loved one. 

The team at Continuum of Care Partners has years of experience in working with families that are faced with these crises in their lives. With the utmost compassion and empathy, we work diligently to create an environment of safety and healing second to none.