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{}Individual & Family Therapy

Overwhelmed by the mere idea of change?

Then you know it’s difficult – if not impossible – to live out this internal struggle on your own, without anyone who can help you deal with the confusion and conflict you’re feeling.

And for most people, being alone in your own head is the most dangerous place to be.

Having the sanctuary of therapy can be a huge sigh of relief.  To know that at least once a week, you can talk with someone who truly understands – who can help you break through what’s been making you suffer and holding you back.  Your relationship with your therapist is everything.  I could go on and on about the theories and modalities that make the kind of therapy I do so powerful and transformative…

But the real power of therapy lies in the dynamic conversation between us.

As your therapist, one of my goals is to draw out your personal story and listen carefully to all the issues, concerns, and circumstances you’re dealing with.

But I’m not just a supportive ear.

After all, you could vent with a friend, who wouldn’t charge you for the favor!  But good listening is just one part of the process of individual therapy.  From there, I’ll help you identify your hidden strengths, challenge the subconscious beliefs holding you back, and guide you to fashion the life you really want to live.  Honesty and trust will be critical to our relationship.

I can promise you this: I will never judge you, make assumptions about who you are, or coerce you into any agenda.  Instead, I’ll give you the ideal trifecta of support, feedback, and accountability to help you grow into the person you want to become, to achieve the life you want to live.

You’re motivated, but…

You long to start or sustain change.

But you’re concerned about family members or partners triggering your emotional cycle, undoing all your hard work.

Or maybe you’re the parent, spouse, partner, or child of an addict.

You’re relieved that your loved one is finally getting help, but you’re still unable to trust him or her, feeling anxious and upset every time a text goes unreturned.  You’re not sure what “enabling” versus “tough love” versus genuine support looks like. You want to be able to communicate, but you’re terrified of saying or doing the wrong thing.  Anything sound familiar?

You’re far from alone.  The terrible power of mental health struggle can transform an entire family.  Even generations of families – often without anyone’s realizing the extent of the damage. There’s deep trauma on all sides of the family – and you have to face those before healing can occur.

Family therapy in treatment can work on several important levels: 

          Improving communication

          Providing education about the healing process

          Resolving deep conflicts

          Strengthening relationships

But it can happen only when the family is motivated and ready to take care of themselves.

The recipe for success?  Five pounds of a willingness to listen.  Two cups of commitment to be open-minded. One-half cup each hour of a desire to be receptive to change — on the part of both the afflicted person and his or her family members.

Family therapy sessions can be a critical element of anyone’s recovery process. There is a good reason people don’t recover from emotional struggles, divorce, or toxic relationships by themselves.

Get support and healing for you and your family members now.


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