Substace Abuse

Utterly out of control

Alcohol, cocaine, opiates, prescription meds, marijuana…

Long-term abuse of any substance will deaden your spirit, create legal or professional consequences, and damage the quality of your health, family life, and relationships.

You always thought you could control your using or drinking. You could stop any time you wanted.

Until one day… reality check. You woke to find your life in pieces all around you – utterly out of control.

But even that first realization doesn’t get most people into treatment.

Quitting for good? Changing your entire lifestyle?

Overwhelming. Just plain unnecessary.

So, like anyone potentially facing a major loss – 

You deny. You bargain. You rage.

You rage against the unfairness of your situation.

What if? Why? You’re different. Not like that.

If you only use on weekends, you’ll be fine…

Why can she have a glass of wine and you can’t?

Addicts are bums on the street, and that isn’t you!

You may have kept your addiction quiet up to now – you may be “high functioning.” But there’s still that incessant feeling of exhaustion, disgust, and frustration. The nagging recognition that your life could be so much more.

Guilt and shame for all the behaviors – things we can’t even remember.

The threat of divorce? A jail sentence? Even death?

Has your doctor told you you’ll die soon if you don’t stop?

So, what will finally get you to accept your addiction and seek help?

And from whom?

There are a lot of therapists out there who are wonderful at what they do — treating depression, anxiety, trauma, and a host of other mental health issues.

But you shouldn’t undertake addiction treatment lightly.

There are delicate elements – trust, building motivation, empathy, support, total acceptance – that must be kept in an ideal balance to achieve success.

Quit – and STAY quit. 

I promise to bring every bit of my personal, ethical, and clinical expertise in addiction treatment to our work together.

As a person in recovery myself, I’m not only aware of what it takes to quit, I’ll help you create a plan to stay quit.

From there, I can help you build a rich and fulfilling life without substances – even if you have no idea what that looks like yet.

I offer individual, group, and family therapy to help you through every stage of the change and recovery process.

Aren’t you ready?

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