Steve Brenner

Greg Slocum

Customized Care

Seeking help can be scary, frightening, and the fear of the unknown can inhibit you or your loved one from seeking out a positive change. However, making the right decision for effective treatment is crucial to lasting healing. For years, we have facilitated and helped clients foster healing and growth on a customized and personalized level.

From developing treatment plans and providing life-skills training, to offering a multitude of therapy modalities and case management techniques, Continuum of Care Partners helps those with addictions, trauma, mental health, and substance abuse issues make lasting changes in their lives.

Guiding You with Each Step

 As your guide to a new start, Continuum of Care Partners treats you like a member of our own family. Offering the same compassion and dedication that we would give to any loved one, we use our expertise to help each person identify maladaptive patterns and replace them with healthier coping skills that can aid in successful and optimal healing.