About Greg

I didn’t take the most direct route to becoming a counselor. In fact, I went every way but forward.

Majoring in Political Science, I worked as a sales and marketing professional for Time-Warner, LexisNexis, and Legal Research Materials.

I had long dreamed of owning a specialty food store – and opened Positano Imports in 2007.

While my professional life was moving along, although not quite what I had imagined, my personal life became filled with drugs and alcohol to help me cope with my problems. Now I can say I live sober one day at a time – and have for five years.

Moving to Florida from New York placed me on the path to meet a wonderful group of people who helped me begin my road to recovery.

I began working in the addiction and mental health field in 2015, first at Hartman House of Delray Beach as a House Manager and then at Addison House of Boynton Beach. I’ve been at Wellness Resource Center for two years.

I have found what God truly wants me to do. I enjoy working with men and women who struggle with addiction and mental health issues.

There is no better feeling than seeing someone you attempted to guide and help a few years later who is living a happy and successful life in RECOVERY. I love coming to work every day helping others to achieve their personal goals.


Certified Addiction Professional – 2017
Certified Life Skills Coach
Arise Interventionist training
Certified Addiction Counselor – sitting for exam in 2019