Family Therapy

All in the family

Family: it’s almost always where personal development starts.

Nobody knows you – your history, traits, or difficulties – like your family.

And it’s not surprising that your family may likely have played a role in the circumstances that led to addiction or dysfunctional behavior, albeit usually without realizing or intending to do so.

And to the family

Further, once you’ve begun to make progress in your treatment, it is to your family that you’ll return.

You’ll need their support – and their understanding – of the personal journey you’ve begun.

And for the family

At Continuum of Care Partners, Inc., we believe treating your family is just as important as treating you.

Not only can your family provide invaluable experience and knowledge about you and your family system, but all too often, they need to heal, as well.

And with the family – our family program

From the onset of treatment, your family members remain an important part of your care.

Through intensive family involvement, we can better understand your family dynamics and are better prepared to address dysfunctional behavior and unhealthy family relationships.

This process significantly impacts the treatment process and assists greatly in your treatment.

Collaborative insight

Ongoing family therapy helps both you and the family understand the emotional consequences of addiction and mental health, the recovery process, and the enormous impact on the family.

Together, you’ll also learn how behaviors and attitudes may have inadvertently enabled your dysfunctional behaviors.

Practical tools and strategies

Even more importantly, we’ll give all of you the tools you need to recover from these behaviors. And we teach families about relapse signs and triggers, so they can help you maintain a lifetime of recovery.

Experiential empathy

Your family will have the opportunity to engage in the same type of therapies, group and individual, that you experience during recovery.

Healthy communication

We’ll introduce all of you to many new ways of communicating and understanding one another, encouraging open and honest discussion of the difficulties and struggles that combined to create dysfunction.

Positive support

You’ll all learn how to effectively support each other emotionallyand to establish appropriate boundaries.

This collaboration fosters the healing process and brings your family closer together. The family discovery process has been proven to be a key factor in long-term healing and recovery.

Lasting healing – for everyone

By treating your family and helping them heal, we increase our ability to treat you.

Reach out today – we’re ready to help you journey back to wellness – together. Call us today at (561) 573-6710 to discuss if family therapy is right for you.