Where are you located?

15461 Pembridge Drive Suite 313 H Delray Beach, FL 33484

Do you provide individual counseling?

Continuum of Care Partners believes that any and all methods available to a struggling family are in play when considering treatment options. Individual counseling is typically the most appropriate first step.

Do you provide family counseling?

Continuum of Care Partners believes this process works most effectively if all stakeholders, family members, are involved throughout the entire process.

Do you do interventions?

Continuum of Care Partners considers the entire process to be an “intervention”; however, this is not the intervention you will see on television or in the movies.

An intervention with Continuum of Care Partners is a collaborative process that includes all stakeholders throughout the entire process. There are no surprises!

Who should be involved in this process?

All stakeholders should participate in the entire process if the most successful outcomes are to be achieved. This will change depending upon the circumstances and those involved.

Continuum of Care Partners believes early and often is the best way to look at stakeholder involvement.

Can you help people out of state?

Continuum of Care Partners can work anywhere the client and family happen to be. Ideally, the client should be local, while the family can remain at home.

How much do your services cost?

Continuum of Care Partners’ philosophy is to be able to provide the most cost-effective services available in the industry.

Once we have had an opportunity to discuss your case and what it will involve, we will create a pricing scheme that meets you or your loved one’s needs most efficiently and cost-effectively.

We believe one size does not fit all, so the number and duration of services will vary from case to case.

What are your credentials and qualifications regarding drug and alcohol abuse and family therapy?

Our therapists are Licensed Mental health Counselors, and our case managers are certified case managers and alcohol and drug counselors.

Do you have financial relationships with any treatment providers?

The Continuum of Care Partners team has worked in the treatment industry for over 15 years combined. We know all of the players and understand the differences between providers.

We have no financial relationships with any providers and choose treatment based on each client’s specific needs alone.

What is the best time to begin working with Continuum of Care Partners?

Continuum of Care Partners offers a variety of services based on each client’s needs.

All our case management, therapy and other contracts typically cover a three- to six-month timeframe during which we are involved in helping formulate an appropriate treatment plan and choosing the steps necessary to carry that out.

Are any of your services covered by insurance?

We are a private-pay service provider; however, we can help you recapture some of our fees from your insurance provider.

What happens once we contract with Continuum of Care Partners?

Once committed to Continuum of Care Partners and a plan of action, we begin to formulate and craft a treatment plan specifically for you or your loved one, beginning with the gathering of all pertinent information and specifics relating to past experiences, diagnoses and current level of acuity.

Based on the service(s) being provided, this information helps us navigate planning case management, individual sessions, family sessions, an intervention, treatment placement, identify all available and appropriate options for treatment, and begin setting up these immediately.

How quickly can our team begin working with us after the contract is signed?

Continuum of Care Partners’ team can begin collecting a history and identifying dates for an intervention as soon as the contract is signed. Depending on the situation, presenting circumstances, and needs, the turnaround time can be in as little as 24 hours.

Once our family agrees to work with Continuum of Care Partners, what is the process for preparing us for next steps?

We will work closely with all stakeholders to determine which service or set of services will be utilized and planned for and begin the process of developing a relationship with all parties, while simultaneously creating a treatment plan that works most effectively for all involved.

How do case management and therapy services work best utilizing Continuum of Care Partners?

Ideally, we become involved from the very beginning when a crisis or impending crisis is identified. At that time, we assist the individual and family in navigating the myriad options available for the best outcomes, based on the client and family’s specific needs and requirements.

Continuum of Care Partners’ team will help determine the level of care that is most suited to the client and help choose the appropriate program or create our own program that will allow for even better outcomes.