Intervention During Crisis

In our complex and often overwhelming society, crises happen all the time. Sickness, loss, trauma, mental or physical health problems, substance abuse, addiction.

Each individual reacts differently – quick, effective, and compassionate intervention often saves lives by creating a healthy, strong, and loving interruption of a crisis.

At Continuum of Care Partners, we help families and individuals navigate the complexities of crises and quickly and tactically execute immediate intervention.

Once we avert the immediate crisis, we’ll help you make quick but certain decisions about what your next steps should be and how to execute them collaboratively – about what your life will look like moving forward.

From inpatient to outpatient treatment, we’re here for you – a team of professionals – to help you and your loved ones avoid consequences that come with these crises in the future.

Family and Individual Interventions

Uncertainty. Fear. Hopelessness.

When you or a loved one is struggling with mental health, trauma or addiction, your entire family system can begin to unravel.

Nothing seems to help – every attempt to help has either been ineffective or has only made the problem seem greater and healing hopeless.

The media have created “entertainment” out of interventions and have given people the wrong idea about what an intervention really should be – a team of allied, caring family members and professionals engaged in a loving and compassionate collaboration to interrupt a life-threatening circumstance.

Collaboration fosters success.

A successful intervention includes the entire family system and immediately affected significant players in beginning a journey of healing for all included.

A voice and a choice.

For everyone.

We’ll meet you where you are with empathy, understanding, and love.

We’re here to help. Call us today at (561) 573-6710.