Recovery Coaching

A guided journey back to life

After managing and averting a crisis, and you or your loved one have begun to reintegrate into life, we offer you the chance to have professional guidance on the journey – not just for the individual struggling but for the entire system’s healing.

Perspective. Principles. Potential.

Recovery Coaching, or Sober Coaching, enhances your experience of recovering from your struggles with addiction or substance abuse.

Working with a coach gives you an additional, experienced perspective to branch out and consider just what might be best for you and why.

Especially during early recovery, coaching helps cement some of the principles that will help you build a foundation of willingness and commitment to your new way of life – to bring the confusion to light and make it more understandable and palatable.

Consider your sober coach an experienced recovery mentor who’s been where you are and has achieved a fully functional and happy life.  Recovery or Sober Coaching takes place in person, over the telephone, and is flexible to meet your schedule, particularly if you are a busy family person and employer/employee.

What does a recovery coach do?

Our experienced recovery coaches can help you or your loved one practice critical life skills, cope with difficult situations, and learn relapse prevention techniques.

We’ll help identify and address potential challenges in early recovery and help you or your loved one set short and long-term recovery goals to support sustainable success.

Continuum of Care Partners’ recovery coaches provide mentoring and education and teach relationship building and solutions-oriented problem-solving techniques.

We serve as your advocate and support team during recovery.

Additionally, we help identify recovery resources and other activities to promote your overall health and well-being – activities that will keep you sober and healthy.

Find A Recovery Coach

Experience. Empathy. Training. Knowledge.

Recovery companions are people in recovery, both men and women, experienced, trained and knowledgeable in helping you navigate the murky waters of early recovery so you can feel safer and be more productive, healthy, and positive in your reintegration into life.

We’re here to help.

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